Tradition of an ancient sweetness

Generations of Craftsmen

love and passion

The history of the company and the evolution of the brand from 1750 to today.

Yesterday as today, Vincenzo, Anna and Federico continue the family tradition, finding strength in the ancient vocation and family history.


Gaetano Di Iorio Company

From the Onciario Stone Cadastre Delli Fusi of 1754 (Deposited at the National Museum of Naples).


Company Michele Di Iorio and son

In the first half of the 19th century, the production of nougats was carried out by Michele Di Iorio and his son.


Company Federico Di Iorio

From the second half of the 19th century, Federico carried on the family tradition.


Fiorentino and Vincenzo Di Iorio Company

In the year 1882, Fiorentino was born to Federico and Carmela, the firstborn of numerous offspring, who, in 1947, was issued the Certificate of Registration for Itinerant Professions Operators of the Province of Avellino in the Municipality of Pietradefusi.


Company Federico Di Iorio

At the end of the world war, Fiorentino passed the baton to his firstborn Federico.


Federico Di Iorio s.r.l.

Federico, born in 1905, managed the confectionery production business together with his children until the 1980s.


Vincenzo Di Iorio sas company

Federico's second son takes over, the current Vincenzo who continues to operate with the passion and tenacity of his ancestors, assisted by his children, Federico and Anna.


Company Federico Di Iorio srl

Federico together with his sister Anna and his father Vincenzo today manage the company.

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