Tradition of an ancient sweetness

Tradition of an ancient sweetness

love and passion

Di Iorio was born way back in 1750, in Irpinia, in Dentecane, a small hamlet of the municipality of Pietradefusi by Gaetano Di Iorio, as can be seen from the Communal Onciario Land Registry of 1754.

Gaetano Di Iorio, by profession “copetaro” (from “cupedia”, the nougat of the ancients) exploiting the best raw materials that the territory made available – Avellane hazelnuts, Apulian almonds, honey hill, egg white, etc. – he began producing delicious nougats with various flavours.

Gaetano’s eldest son, Michele inherited the business and passed it on to his son, Vincenzo.

The activity continued thanks to the latter’s eldest son, Federico (Dentecane, 1849) who obtained his first official recognition outside the local context as stated in the certificate of participation at the 1911 Turin International Exhibition.

At the end of the war, in 1947, the Certificate of Registration for Itinerant Professions Operators of the Province of Avellino of the Municipality of Pietradefusi was issued with the business passing into the hands of Fiorentino’s eldest son, Federico (Dentecane, 1905) who he ran the business with the same family passion until 1970.

Vincenzo, (Dentecane, 1942 – second son) “the professor”, as he is affectionately called by all those who know him, despite his teaching profession, decided to provide continuity with great enthusiasm and tenacity to family tradition. Today he is still the “attentive and jealous” guardian of the recipes that have made Di Iorio Torroni famous and inimitable.

Federico and Anna are the Germans who have decided to continue this very long and sweet story of taste in the name of tradition.

Federico Di Iorio - Administrator


best exhibitions

Milan (1922), Brussels (1923 and 1929) and London (1925) where Di Iorio obtained prestigious awards.

New Show Room

history of Store

In 2018, the new production site of approximately 3000 m2 was inaugurated, again in Dentecane, equipped with the most modern technologies to continue to guarantee the very high standards of tradition.

Wide choice of products

100% Italian raw materials

200m2 of exhibition

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